Our aim is to help equip 7th through 12th grade students to become lifelong followers of Christ who, in turn, make lifelong followers of Christ. We don’t just believe that they are the church of tomorrow; we believe they are the church of today.

We believe that discipleship is an important process for every believer, and this includes teenagers. Therefore, everything we do at NoPosers Student Ministry is done with discipleship in mind. Our desire is to see every student involved in our Wednesday night worship service, connected in small groups on Sunday mornings and ultimately plugged into a discipleship group on Sunday evenings. This is where students can experience accelerated spiritual transformation through meaningful friendships, an environment of accountability, and most importantly, a life deeply rooted in God’s Word.

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Where it all began

It started back in ‘98 with a vision to be real when so many people weren’t. Surf culture had become popular in the late 90’s, but some of us grew up in it. Drawing from our time spent on the beach, a ‘poser’ is someone who has a surfboard in the back of their truck so that they will look like a surfer, even though they can’t surf to save their life. Someone said the name ‘noposers’ and it has stuck since then. We definitely aren’t perfect, but it is our desire to live out authentic faith in this world as we follow Jesus. Since ’98, we have worked hard at making a difference in others because Christ has made a difference in us. Tons of people have been a part of NoPosers, and they have never been the same.


Hudson Taylor said, “The Great Commission is not an option to be considered; It is a command to be obeyed.” Therefore, the inescapable reality about Christ’s command to go is that no one gets an exemption, the command is for every Christ follower. This is why it is so important for us to create opportunities for the students to begin being involved in missions while teenagers. We are actively involved in backyard missions in our community as well as serving globally. We serve in many ways throughout the year, but we are committed to consistently serving the children at The Baptist Children’s Village in Wiggins and the Sioux Indians on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. We have seen that one of the most constant ingredients in opening the door for the gospel is relationships, so we go back!

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