It’s hard to keep track of everything teens are into, let alone know how to talk about them. But it doesn’t have to be! We created this resource page to help you understand the things your teens face, how to have conversations about them, and how to biblically disciple the teens in your life into lifelong faith through it all.



How well do you know your teens? What influences them? How are they different from Millennials or other generations? In this Guide, we want to look at how the generations have changed over time, what has shaped Gen Z’s views on life, and how that knowledge can help you connect with your kids better. Click the link above to access “A Parent’s Guide to Generation Z.”



Despite its shortcomings, it seems that social media is here to stay. So rather than being afraid of it, how can we train our children to approach it with wisdom, moderation, and a desire to honor God through it? This big-picture approach to social media will help equip you to start “Social Media Ed” with your kids. Click the link above to access “A Parent’s Guide to Social Media”.