Sunday Morning Community Groups

Our students meet together in small groups at 9:30 every Sunday morning, and this is really where church begins to feel like family. The students meet with their grade level for a time of study in our awesome small group program. We study topics relevant to students, and we use a one of a kind system that rotates each grade through a different topic and teacher every 10 weeks. This way, you never hear the same thing twice, or get used to where you are. The kids love it and so do we. Below is a list of the current 10-week classes for each grade.

Current 10 Week Studies

These small group studies began on March 21st., 2021

7th/8th Grade Girls: “XP3” – Kaycee & Savannah

Christians today face all kinds of challenges when it comes to understanding who they are and what they’re meant to do. There’s no shortage of options that claim to offer “truth.” In this study, we will help students better understand the power and confidence that comes from anchoring their identity, purpose, and relationships in the truth of Scripture.


7th/8th Grade Guys: “Proverbs” – Luke & Toxie
In this series, we will walk students through the parables in Luke to teach what it looks like for God to rule our lives. Though a life sold out for Christ might look backwards to everyone else, it actually points us back to how God intended our lives to be when he first created us

9th Grade: 9th: “Case for Christ” – Scott & Kristin

In this study, we will be walking through the Book “The Case for Christ where In 1980, atheist and investigative journalist Lee Strobel applies his journalistic and legal skills to attempt to disprove his wife Leslie’s newfound Christian faith, which creates a rift within his marriage. After completing a thorough investigation for almost two years he finds the historical evidence for Jesus, and then finds a new faith in Christ.

 10th Grade: “Creation” – Kevin
In this 10-week class, we will look at the differences between Intelligent Design, Young Earth Creationism, Old Earth Creationism, and spontaneous organs. We will compare the biblical account of creation and an atheistic view of spontaneous organs. We will dive into a biology book currently used on the coast to point out the facts, from the theories and teach how to objectively read the biology book. We will also discuss the complexity of design, scientific laws, symbiotic relationships, dinosaurs, biblical evidence for creation and much, much more!

11th Grade: “Holy Spirit” – Chris & Lauren

We must not forget the true source of the church’s power—the Holy Spirit. We’ve ignored the Spirit for far too long, and that without Him, we operate in our own strength, only accomplishing human-sized results. This study offers a compelling invitation to understand, embrace, and follow the Holy Spirit’s direction in our lives.


12th Grade: “T3” – Bryan

T3 is a life-changing study that, in a very creative way, helps students see that stewardship isn’t just about tithing, but it’s about using all that God has given them – their Talents, Treasures & Time – to make a difference for His Kingdom.